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Our ethos is grounded in a simple idea that better living is possible through design. Here are the values that are important to us:

Championing design to create lasting change

We curate a considered edit of goods based on our belief that ecology and ethics should be integral to good design.

Curating products that are made with care and built to last

We seek out craftsmanship, simplicity, durability and quality in all of our products.

Celebrating materials that are special enough to be loved and strong enough to endure

We believe that the story ahead of our goods is as important as the story behind them. We source authentic, enduring items that have purpose and will hopefully be loved, treasured and kept.

Working with suppliers who share our ethos

We work and collaborate with designers, makers and craftspeople who share our belief that good design is mindful design.

Giving something back through shared profits

We donate 10% of our profits to a different not-for-profit organisation at the end of every year.